Nature of Symmetry (8mins)

June 2011

The Nature of Symmetry is a short film created by students of London College of Communication. It is about a man that is sitting in his claustrophobic workshop chipping repeatedly away at a piece of wood. He is a very passionate and talented craftsman. The entire environment is wild and beautiful, full of distorted shapes and objects. Yet, the piece of wood he continues to chip away at, is neat and symmetrical in structure and form. The man begins to get frustrated by the perfect order of it. He continues to chip away in madness, getting faster and faster. Enraged, he gets up, throws the piece of wood and his tools down and storms out of the door in desperation…

The sound design was crucial for this film. The film was very visual and the cinematography was inspired by art-movements such as impressionism, expressionism and German expressionism. The sound is very mechanical, rhythmic and industrial and was supposed to recreate the craftsman's frustration. Later, the diegetic sounds of wind, feet crunching, the trees, breathing, birds and nature slowly begin to seep in and more and more as the character is being liberated.

Sound Design and Mix: Rob Kubicki